The Success of Apollo 13: An example ...

Apollo 16

“Houston, we have a problem” Bernard R. Suchocki ’65 was in the mission operations control room at the Johnson Space Center on April 13, 1970, when commander Jim Lovell uttered those unforgettable words. As an Apollo astronaut instructor stationed at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Suchocki was assigned to the Apollo XIII mission operations team. One of two […]

Lamar Blass: Hall of Fame Athlete and...

w_OTS 1944LamarBlassItalyBunker

Lamar Blass: Hall of Fame Athlete and Soldier The Bloomsburg University Archives is home to items documenting the history of the school and the achievements of alumni. A recent acquisition is a battered dog tag that belonged to one of the most celebrated early athletes, Lamar Blass, who was killed in action during World War II. […]

No Limits in the Water

w_On the Hill pix 2

No Limits in the Water In the pool, Rachel Brooker and Caroline Hodgins swim different events but share a similar story: neither started her collegiate career with the Huskies. Brooker, a butterfly specialist, began at New Jersey’s Rider University, transferring after seeing the success her older sister, Kelsey, had at BU. Hodgins, a freestylist and […]

Engine of Opportunity and Growth

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“Follow the dollar” has long been the catchphrase of financial sleuths. Trying to figure out the “bang for the buck” is as old as, well, money itself. Bloomsburg University graduates and students alike enthusiastically describe the university’s lasting impact on their lives. But what is the university’s impact in dollars and cents? The top-line number […]

Melody of Healing

w_Terri Fervang_077

Melody of Healing Health care facilities nationwide recognize the healing power of music played at a patient’s bedside. As the philosopher Plato said, “Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.” The first time Terri Matkosky Fevang ’86 played music for a hospice patient, she played for the mother of a […]

President’s Blog

Dr. David Soltz shares his thoughts.

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Designing Your Characters Names

When it comes time to name a cast of characters in a new manuscript, I tend to surround myself with thick-spined baby naming books (or long lists online) and get bogged down in the meaning of a name–king? queen? strong one? mouse-like? darkness?–and sometimes the pattern of sounds. For example, in a recent manuscript I had […]

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