Why Bloomsburg?

What sets Bloomsburg apart? With Pennsylvania’s 14 public universities, 130 four-year institutions and nearly 270 post-secondary options, ranging from trade schools to medical schools, why should a student choose Bloomsburg University? Or, for that matter, any college at all?

Today, institutions in Pennsylvania and elsewhere are competing for fewer college-age students. TV, newspaper and radio messages, interspersed among this season’s political ads, are vying for the same pool of prospective undergraduates. And, for the first time in a generation, some national media and government leaders are questioning whether the overall value of a college education is worth the debt accrued.

As you would imagine, I believe strongly in the advantages a college education provides. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a college graduate can expect to earn about $1 million more than a high school graduate during his or her lifetime, a financial benefit to the greater community in the form of federal, state and local taxes paid. Professionally, a college graduate possesses the cognitive and decision-making skills to successfully maneuver changing careers and career demands. And personally, college graduates are more satisfied with their jobs and place great importance on pursuing volunteer opportunities and engaging in educational activities with their children.

But why Bloomsburg?  When I arrived nearly five years ago, I discovered Bloomsburg had all of the qualities I was looking for: committed students, dedicated faculty and staff, strong academics and, of course, a beautiful campus. As president, I have experienced firsthand Bloomsburg’s supportive and personal approach to education. This is exemplified by MyCore, our new model for fulfilling general education requirements through experiential learning opportunities that complement classroom learning. I have welcomed our new Bloomsburg students, who fit in from their first day, and watched as they grow to their full potential while preparing for careers that are right for them. And I have met many devoted alumni whose love for Bloomsburg is contagious. The more I know, the more I am convinced that this is a special place.

As a reader of Bloomsburg: The University Magazine, your perception of BU is based on both your personal experiences here and the stories of the students, faculty, staff and alumni you meet through these pages. What would you say to convince a prospective student to attend Bloomsburg? Comments sent to may appear in the newly designed online magazine,, and will help us reach tomorrow’s Huskies.

President, Bloomsburg University

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