Jessica Sing Scarinci ’06 and John Scarinci ‘07

It was the fall semester of 2005. I was in my first semester of graduate school at Bloom and Jessica was in her senior year as an undergraduate student studying communications. On a Thursday night in November, after a tough week of grad classes and work in the sports information office, I decided to go out to the Good Old Days bar with my roommate for a few drinks.

Meanwhile, Jessica decided to go out to Good Old Days that night as well but for a different reason. Having recently broken with up with someone else, she needed a night out on the town to forget about her troubles.

That night, my roommate, who also was a communications major, ran into Jessica at the bar. They had taken several classes together and knew each other very well. My roommate introduced me to Jessica then.

Having always been a bit shy, I wasn’t sure what to say so I told her I was from New York, because we New Yorkers seem to think that impresses people. Apparently it worked because we ended up talking for about 30 minutes that night and I managed to convince her to give me her phone number. I gave her a call shortly after that night and we ended up hanging out together casually for the rest of the semester. Once the spring 2006 semester started up things got more serious and we began seeing each other regularly.

But Jessica was graduating in the spring of 2006 and moving a couple hours away from Bloomsburg, while I still had another year of graduate school. We were both reluctant to pursue a long-distance relationship knowing the challenges that it would create but we decided we did not want to be without each other and gave it a shot.

Though we didn’t get to see each other much over the next two years, we managed to make it work. We’d visit each other any free weekend we could get. After I graduated from Bloomsburg, we continued our long distance, only now I was back on Long Island and she was in Yardley, Pa. We continued dating this way for over two years, making the most of the little time we had together, until March 2009 when I proposed to her.

Jessica said yes to my proposal and moved to Long Island shortly after. We were married in July 2010, and we are happy to say we are expecting our first child in June 2013.

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