What is your relationship with Bloomsburg University?

What is your relationship with Bloomsburg University? If you are an alumnus, you may see Bloomsburg as the place where you earned your degree, discovered your passion and made lifelong friendships. The place to which you remain connected, regardless of time or distance. My hope is your answer would be all of these and, perhaps, more.

Every two years, responses to Bloomsburg: The University Magazine’s readers survey reveal your feelings about this institution. The 724 respondents to this year’s survey showed they do, indeed, feel a connection and, as a result of reading this magazine, have attended an event, recommended Bloomsburg to a potential student or, yes, made a financial donation.

The survey gives us tremendous insight, but we most enjoy hearing from alumni like Chase Smith ’08, a physical science teacher and coach in Western Wayne School District. In a note to Bruce Wilcox, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, Chase said, in part:

Looking back at my time at Bloomsburg, I remember fondly your patience with me despite my occasional laziness and lack of initiative. If I only knew what I know now about education, I would have taken my college education much more seriously!

Ultimately I write this email to thank you, and the rest of the chemistry professors that dedicated their time to help me get where I am today. I am praising the work that you do and the level of education that I received on a daily basis at my school.

Chase is not alone. The Husky Pride of alumni Steve Carr and Craig Evans comes through loud and clear in the Career Connections, beginning on page 18.

Alumni like Steve and Craig find abundant opportunities to share their enthusiasm for Bloomsburg while giving a career advantage to today’s students. Job shadowing and internships provide real-world knowledge. On-campus experiences, including the College of Business’ Zeigler Institute for Professional Development and the College of Science and Technology’s Career Day, give alumni a forum for sharing insights on their professions. And alumni are welcome to return to campus as their schedule permits to discuss their careers, as Rebecca (Funk) Campbell ’83, president of ABC-Owned Television Stations Group, and actor Jimmi Simpson ’98 did in the recent past.

As our economy continues to rebound, it is imperative that our students graduate fully prepared for their professions. As alumni, you can help make that happen for Bloomsburg’s next generation.

President, Bloomsburg University

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