And the survey says…

Every two years, we conduct a survey to learn readers’ opinions of Bloomsburg: The University Magazine. Your feedback helps us to better understand your expectations and plan a magazine that has a place on your coffee table and, we hope, in your heart.

We always receive a few responses that are exactly as we expect. Once again, for example, you told us your favorite stories are alumni profiles and your favorite section is Husky Notes. Since 690 of the 724 respondents identify as alumni, this is no surprise. But what comes next is somewhat surprising. After you read about alumni, you told us, you want to know what’s happening on BU’s campus, both through stories and the Around the Quad section. Husky Pride lives on!

Respondents to our survey are almost evenly split by gender and 74 percent are between the ages of 30 and 64.  Most see the magazine as their main source of information about the university, and 39 percent read the online issue and bonus content.

The top four actions you’ve taken as the result of reading the magazine, in order, are: made a donation to the institution, attended an event, saved an article or issue and recommended the institution to a potential student or family member. Seventy-six percent say they are very satisfied with the magazine and 93 percent called the quality of written content excellent or very good.

Other survey results show:

  • 81 percent read the magazine from cover to cover or at least some articles from each issue.
  • 85 percent agree or strongly agree that Bloomsburg: The University Magazine strengthens my personal connection with Bloomsburg University.
  • 49 percent believe the magazine consistently portrays the institution accurately and objectively; another 27 percent believe content contains some spin, but is generally accurate and objective.

If you missed the chance to share your opinions of Bloomsburg: The University Magazine, we would enjoy hearing from you. Feel free to contact us anytime at

–        Bonnie Martin, Editor

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