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She is one of the most recognizable actresses of the 20th century. He broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball. Although I can find no evidence they ever met, we bring them together in Bloomsburg: The University Magazine’s fall 2013 edition: Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Robinson.

As the staff of a university magazine, we introduce you to alumni and members of the campus community who exemplify the best of Bloomsburg University. The fall 2013 issue is no exception: Dr. Tracey Dechert ’88 treats trauma victims, including those injured in the Boston Marathon bombing; public relations pro Nicole Premuto Fountain ’03 handles social media for MetLife Stadium, site of Super Bowl XLVIII; and glassblower Bill Wise ’69 adds beauty to our world. As president of Ferragamo U.S.A., Vincent Ottomanelli ’88 is steeped in another kind of beauty — the world of timeless high fashion — a world inhabited by Monroe, who posed one day dressed in casual slacks and sweater and a pair of Ferragamo pumps. You’ll find her image on page 13.

Jackie Robinson’s connection to a Bloomsburg alumnus is more direct. As the first African American to play Major League Baseball, Robinson faced racism from fellow ballplayers and fans. So when a member of the Cincinnati Reds, Danny Litwhiler ’38, posed with Robinson as part of a campaign for improved race relations, it was an act of courage. We’re told the publicity photo you’ll find on page 30 sparked a friendship that continued long after Litwhiler and Robinson retired from professional baseball.

As we look forward to observing our 175th anniversary in 2014, we celebrate how Bloomsburg University has connected with so many people, both directly and indirectly. Even Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Robinson.

–Bonnie Martin, editor

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